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TOTEM x DeltaComGroup

We are very proud to announce you that we have signed an agreement with DeltaComGroup in Spain, through which we will work together to make this world a cleaner place with reduced CO2 emissions.

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Madrid, September 26, 2023

TOTEM and DeltaComGroup sign an agreement to

promote the circular economy, avoiding over 300 tons of CO2 emissions per year in Spain

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TOTEM, the Orange Group’s TowerCo, and DeltaComGroup, the leading electronics recycling and refurbishment solutions company, have signed an agreement that will be an important milestone in sustainability and the circular economy in the telecoms industry.

Thanks to this partnership, DeltaComGroup becomes TOTEM Spain’s exclusive equipment reuse and recycling partner. This means that any telecoms equipment and infrastructure that has reached the end of its useful life or become obsolete will be collected, disassembled and refurbished or scrapped by DeltaComGroup, with most equipment being given a new lease of life in Spain or in other countries.

The agreement will allow 498 tons of old TOTEM equipment to be recycled each year. About 20% of it will be used again thanks to repair and recertification processes. This will all help reduce TOTEM’s CO2 emissions in Spain by up to 50% during each dismantling operation, avoiding more than 300 tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere each year. This is the equivalent to 3,900 car journeys from Barcelona to Madrid, 60 trips around the world, or around 300,000 light bulbs being switched on for 24 hours a day.

The entire process will be carried out based on DeltaComGroup’s circular economy rules, which will minimize CO2 emissions and energy consumption, complying with all permits and the implementation of an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 international standards. Similarly, DeltaComGroup will also appropriately manage hazardous waste such as batteries, as well as sustainably manage any refrigerant gases.

“We are very proud to have reached this agreement with DeltaComGroup. It is a revolutionary initiative for TOTEM as a company,” confirms Patrick Farges, CEO of TOTEM Spain. “Sustainability and environmental responsibility are fundamental values for us. This agreement will allow us not only to responsibly manage our old equipment, but also to give it a new lease of life, which is perfectly aligned with our circular economy goals.”

“The circular economy is part of our DNA, and as a company we work each day to make the most of our material resources, optimize their performance and extend their useful life,” added Antonio Peinado, CEO of DeltaComGroup. “This partnership between DeltaComGroup and TOTEM in Spain is a clear example of strength in numbers. I am delighted to work together with TOTEM and to see how more companies are joining this initiative each day. I am confident that together, we will manage to make a positive contribution to reduce the environmental footprint and build a more sustainable future.”

Socially responsible

TOTEM incorporates this agreement into its broader CSR plan, with a focus on innovation and integration. The grid energy purchased by the company at its sites is 100% renewable, and solar panels have been installed at many of these locations to take a step forward in terms of energy independence.

The company is confident that sharing, collaboration with other companies and institutions, and responsible infrastructure network design will help optimize its growth, while limiting the telecoms industry’s impact on the environment.

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TOTEM is Orange’s European TowerCo subsidiary. TOTEM has been active in France and Spain since November 1, 2021, managing over 26,000 towers, flat roofs and other sites in the two countries. TOTEM’s goal is to become the European TowerCo market leader.

As a neutral figure, TOTEM’s mission is to offer solutions allowing operators to provide connectivity wherever operators can share infrastructure. As a partner of operators, local authorities, owners and businesses, connectivity everywhere, for everyone is a priority for TOTEM.

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About DeltaComGroup

Established in 2004, DeltaComGroup is a global provider of Engineering and Managed Services and a leading Circular Economy company in the telecommunications industry. We are headquartered in Madrid, Spain with additional operations in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in the repair and management of network infrastructure equipment, we are leading the way to a circular economy by offering our customers efficient ways to reduce, reuse and recycle telecommunications equipment.

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