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You are

a co-owned property manager

As a Tower Company, TOTEM manages a portfolio of more than 26,000 sites (towers and flat roofs). A large portion of our equipment is installed on top of buildings.

Are you a management agent or member of a co-ownership board for a property, wondering if the space on the roofs of these co-owned properties could host telecoms equipment and thus earn regular income?

TOTEM offers to lease or purchase currently unused spaces to host its operator clients. This will allow you to reduce the service costs linked to renovation or regular maintenance.

TOTEM is your partner to earn extra value from your building, and you can rest assured that you’ll receive a personal service:

– Personalized support, from the study phase through to regular technical equipment maintenance:

  • Marketing to operators
  • Urban planning advice, land occupancy studies, prior notifications and building permits, and administrative authorizations
  • Personalized legal expertise, from signing the long-term lease contract through to the notarized deed of sale
  • Managing prior technical studies to approve the co-owned property
  • Secure and reliable management of site access, with the installation of supervised digital boxes, allowing us to manage access by our workers and monitor service call-outs
  • A team of landlord relations experts to guarantee an excellent relationship throughout the contract


– Tailored financial management: billing on behalf of the co-owned property, guaranteed long-term income with a yearly advance payment.

– A local presence thanks to teams at 7 sites across France (Villejuif, Donges, Nantes, Portet sur Garonne, Lyon, Marseille, and Villeneuve d’Ascq) and at 5 sites in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Baleares, Sevilla, Valladolid)

TOTEM draws on its industrial know-how to help cover your co-ownership costs. We strive to offer you the best possible technical and financial solutions to allow you to leverage your assets in the long-term.

Because we have a very thorough understanding of operator needs, we oversee the marketing of locations on your building. These operators are constantly looking for new, high-quality property to install antennas on roofs and improve mobile coverage.

Choosing TOTEM as a partner means choosing peace of mind.


  • - Do you manage a building or building portfolio for co-owners, and are you looking to cut costs?

    TOTEM has recognized expertise in building and maintaining mobile operator host infrastructure.

    Do you have unused space covering a minimum of 30 m² on your building, and are you interested in regular extra income?  If this space meets our requirements, we offer to:

    • Support you at every stage of our partnership
    • Agree on a lease contract defining the host conditions
    • Guarantee long-term financial income
    • Offer personalized payment terms
    • Secure site access