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Ground-based towers are available for colocations or, failing that, bespoke construction. They are the most effective tool for better connection.

Rooftop Towers

Rooftop towers available for bespoke cellular tower, small cells and micro-cell installations.
Proactively addressing coverage holes as part of coverage extension proposals or network densification bandwidth and indoor quality purposes, within a specific, limited geographic area.

Distributed Antenna Solutions

Distributed Antenna Solutions, or DAS systems, are used to fill coverage gaps in underserved areas where additional macro sites would be inadequate. They are often set up in used in venues, exhibition centres, transport areas and hot spots, enabling 5G and IoT.

DAS can aggregate several frequency bands of several technologies. Operated by several operators, it deports them over significant distances. It makes it possible to create a tailor-made network and provide scalable solutions according to the number of users and their needs.


Small cells are a low-power active antenna solution.

They are low-power mobile network access points with a range of up to several hundred metres. They are particularly well suited to furthering the deployment of 5G and covering areas inaccessible to the outdoor network.

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