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You are

a landlord

You are a public or private landlord, a company or individual, a co-owned property or a regional authority, a property, land or tower site (water tower, silo tower, etc.) owner, and you want to financially leverage your assets.

TOTEM offers to lease or buy currently unused space to host its operator clients by installing its telecommunication infrastructure, which is made available to all interested operator clients.

As a Tower Company, TOTEM manages a portfolio of more than 26,000 sites (towers and flat roofs) on public and private land, which we transparently lease to all interested telecommunications operators in France and Spain.

Your partner to leverage your assets

  • An operator marketing process managed from end to end by TOTEM
  • Guaranteed long-term income with a yearly advance payment
  • Personalized support, from the study phase through to regular technical equipment maintenance
  • Urban planning advice, land occupancy studies, prior notifications and building permits, and administrative authorization applications overseen by our TOTEM experts
  • Personalized legal advice, from signing the long-term lease contract to the public occupancy agreement and the notarized deed of sale
  • Tailored financial management: with billing directly on behalf of the landlord
  • Secure and reliable management of site access, with the installation of supervised digital boxes, allowing us to manage access by our workers and enable close monitoring of service call-outs
  • A team of dedicated experts to guarantee an excellent relationship throughout your contract
  • A strong local presence with our teams at 7 sites across France (Villejuif, Donges, Nantes, Portet sur Garonne, Lyon, Marseille, and Villeneuve d’Ascq) and at 5 sites in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Baleares, Sevilla, Valladolid)


TOTEM draws on all its industrial know-how and recognized expertise in telecoms and real estate to offer end-to-end support for projects to add value to your property. We strive to offer you the best possible technical and financial solutions to allow you to leverage your assets in the long-term.

Because we have a deep understanding of operator needs, we manage the marketing of mobile sites located at your properties. These operators are constantly looking for new, high-quality property to build towers, install antennas on roofs and terraces, and improve mobile coverage inside buildings.

TOTEM deploys DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) for these operators, which deliver great mobile coverage in enclosed and densely populated settings: buildings, offices, metro, exhibition centers, stations, stadiums, tourist venues, etc.

Choosing TOTEM as a partner means choosing peace of mind.