TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe | What Do You See? : E01 - DAS - TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe


What Do You See? : E01 - DAS

Do you want to know everything about the TowerCos sector?

Discover our brand content: What Do You See?

Pedagogical videos explaining the role of towercos and mobile infrastructures in our connected society.

Because we are proud of our employees’ expertise, we have chosen to make them the ambassadors of TOTEM.

In this first episode, meet our TOTEM expert Anishley Luximon, who explains you how TOTEM as a TowerCo, meets the needs of connectivity in closed and dense areas like football stadiums.

TOTEM is the industrial partner that, by enabling shared access to its mobile sites, provides connectivity to the most difficult locations, such as subways, stadiums, offices and malls, thereby contributing to local economic development.

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