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TOTEM x Ville de Demain

On the occasion of Vivatech, a leading event in the world of technology and innovation, TOTEM is delighted to announce its partnership with Ville de Demain. This collaboration aims to promote innovation through telecoms infrastructures in territories, essential for the development of smart cities.

The partnership between TOTEM and Ville de Demain highlights the importance of infrastructure sharing. This approach not only reduces the costs associated with building and maintaining infrastructures, but also minimizes environmental impact by limiting duplication of equipment. In this way, cities can deploy advanced technologies while optimizing available resources.

One of the key objectives of this partnership is to improve mobile connectivity in cities. In today’s digital era, a fast, reliable mobile connection is essential for the efficient operation of urban services and for improving the quality of life of city dwellers. Whether it’s to host mobile telecoms antennas, IoT equipment for data collection, video surveillance or alerting. These infrastructures of the future enable us to host a myriad of connected devices.

Our conviction: infrastructure sharing will be one of the pillars of tomorrow’s smart city.

Thanks to this partnership, TOTEM will be able to offer local authorities customized solutions that precisely meet all their needs, one towards more connected, smart, and sustainable cities.

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