TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe | Discover the TOTEM-Kwarto partnership to use digital twins for a better management of our towers - TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe

TOTEM x Kwarto

Discover the TOTEM-Kwarto partnership

Continuing our journey in data excellence, TOTEM enhanced a partnership with Kwarto reduce travel to sites, respond faster and better to our customers’ needs for accommodation and infrastructure upgrades, and give property managers greater control over the use of their assets. 🏗️

At BIM Wolrd Jumeaux Numériques, Thierry Papin, CEO of TOTEM France explained last week how our digital twin technology is revolutionizing the management of our rooftop infrastructure portfolio, emphasizing the role of accurate data in expediting site interventions and enabling AI-driven business development.

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