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We are delighted to share with you that TOTEM was recently featured on BFM TV. In a report broadcast on 26 March 2024, our innovative work on the installation of 5G in the Paris metro was featured, highlighting our key contribution to the Grand Paris Express project.

The report highlighted TOTEM’s efforts to equip the future Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express with state-of-the-art 5G antennas. Thanks to our technology, metro users will be able to benefit from a fast and reliable Internet connection, even 30 metres underground.

Thierry Papin, CEO of TOTEM France, was interviewed and expressed his pride in this achievement: “This is the first metro line to be covered by 5G, to my knowledge, even in Europe. Of course, others will come after, but here we are, very proud to be the first to do so.”

The report also highlighted our system’s ability to adapt to future technological developments, thanks to its fibre-optic-based infrastructure.

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