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Our project in Ensisheim

At TOTEM connectivity rhymes with responsibility┬á­čî▒

We’re proud to share our latest project in Ensisheim, demonstrating our commitment as a towerco to protecting biodiversity, while assuring the safety of our infrastructure.
Learn more in this interview with our expert Network Life Manager at TOTEM France, Oidi Belainouissi how we managed the relocation of storks’ nests. A meticulous project, for which TOTEM relied on the expertise of the Ligue de la Protection des Oiseaux to create a new habitat suitable for these birds.
Why are we so proud of this project ?┬á­čĺí

– Wildlife safeguarding : At TOTEM, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the local wildlife. The relocation of stork nests during this operation helps to preserve migration pathways.
-In terms of infrastructure safety : the upkeep and safety of our towers are of paramount importance in maintaining the quality of our services. The weight of storks’ nests can jeopardize the site stability and safety. Thanks to this type of operation, TOTEM maintains the durability of its infrastructures in France and Spain, while also safeguarding the environment.

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