TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe | We have a long story to tell you - TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe


We have a long story to tell you

TOTEM was launched a few months ago and we feel like we already have a long story to tell.

We succeeded in carving out in Spain and France a unique grid of mobile sites, now fully operated by TOTEM, ready to host any new tenant, to better share mobile network infrastructure, to improve networks coverage and quality.

Our teams are passionate about creating a new TOTEM, entirely focused on our customer needs, to let them take full benefit of our remarkable assets.

Thanks to the efforts of mobile operators, networks have reached over the past years an exceptional level of coverage.

In parallel, end users have considerably raised their expectations, asking for high data throughput in any situation : roads, railways, rural areas, all locations where people are working or resting, have to offer good connectivity.

At TOTEM, we are ready to analyse all these situations with our customers, bringing our deep knowledge of network design and deployment, to better asses how networks could further extend.

Our towers are your towers.

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