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Discover the 2nd episode

TOTEM Experts - Episode 2

At TOTEM, every professional story is unique and full of lessons to be learned. Today, we’re celebrating the transmission of knowledge and experience ! 🤝

⬇️ Dive into episode 2 of TOTEM Experts, where Imane Boutaleb, Operational and Contract Reception Project Manager for SFR, and Philippe Lacampagne, New and Redevelopment Sites Project Manager for SFR Ile de France, answered our questions.

They give us an insight into :

☑️ Their career at TOTEM
☑️ The keys to a successful handover
☑️ Their vision of team spirit

We wish Imane every success in her future projects and Philippe a wonderful retirement. Thank you both for your commitment.

Stay tuned for future episodes of TOTEM Experts!

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