TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe | TOTEM 1st ANNIVERSARY - TOTEM, the industrial TowerCo in Europe



One year ago, we had the ambition and determination to create TOTEM.

We started from scratch, but thanks to the resilience and motivation of each of our teams we managed to build a strong, independent brand that has become in only one year a reference in the European TowerCos market.

In one year :
✅ we have built a team of more than 190 experts located in France and Spain
✅ we have developed a high quality infrastructure park of more than 26 000 towers
✅ we have celebrated our first major business successes, both in Spain and in France, particularly with the future Line 15 South of the Société du Grand Paris, the 5G roll-out agreement with Telefonica and much more
✅ we have extended our notoriety throughout Europe thanks to our presence at various major European events such as TowerXchange, Network X and DigitalES.

For the next few years, we will continue to develop top quality shared infrastructures in order to meet the growing connectivity needs of our customers in France, Spain and throughout Europe, while improving efficiency for our customers and respecting the environment.

So the story is not over. We still have so much to accomplish together.

Thanks to all the TOTEM tribe, without whom, all this would not have been possible.

Stand to share, Share to win

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