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TOTEM Indoor mobile coverage and 5G connectivity: give your users the best possible connection

You need specific (indoor) coverage: stadiums, train stations, shopping malls, public transport, concert halls, campuses, real estate projects, etc ?

If you manage a large shopping center, a major sports or cultural venue, or a transport hub (metro, train station, airport, port), TOTEM can help you implement your 4G/5G connectivity project by installing a shared infrastructure inside your buildings that is open to all operators.

A great way for you to enhance the customer experience, add value to your facilities, and offer additional services.

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Our solutions for optimum indoor mobile connectivity

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DAS solutions for offices and shopping centers

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of antennas spread over a specific area. These systems improve network performance in busy and crowded areas such as offices and shopping malls, providing an optimal, uninterrupted connection for all users.

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5G indoor technology for a reliable connection

5G infrastructure is essential for fast, reliable indoor connectivity. With this technology, you can keep up with the growing demand for data and improve the efficiency of your operations.

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Our 5G indoor connectivity solutions for your real estate projects

Deliver advanced connectivity and prepare tomorrow’s buildings for digital demands by integrating 5G solutions into your real estate projects.

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Local authorities: offer optimum 5G indoor connectivity

For secure and reliable mobile communications in your local authority, choose TOTEM’s 5G indoor connectivity solutions.

Citizens and users will enjoy a better experience thanks to continuous, superior 5G coverage anywhere, anytime.

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The DAS solution for shopping malls

DAS efficiently covers shopping centers, ensuring fast, stable connectivity for shoppers and retailers, even during busy times.

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Indoor connectivity for an enhanced customer experience

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with indoor 5G connectivity that keeps visitors connected at all times.

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Sports facilities managers: discover our solutions for 5G indoor mobile coverage

Indoor coverage for sports facilities

Our 5G indoor coverage solutions provide seamless connectivity in sports venues, enabling spectators and participants to share their experiences in real time.

5G for sporting events

Enhance live streaming and fan interaction at sporting events by using 5G technology to deliver the very best connectivity.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What kinds of facilities require specific indoor mobile coverage?

    Special indoor wireless coverage is required for stadiums, train stations, shopping centers, transport hubs, concert halls, campuses, real estate projects, etc.

  • How does TOTEM help managers of large shopping malls and event venues?

    TOTEM deploys a shared infrastructure in your buildings, open to all operators, to enhance your customers’ experience, add value to your facilities and offer additional services.

  • What is the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and how does it improve network coverage in offices and shopping centers?

    DAS is a network of antennas spread over a specific area that improves network performance in busy and crowed areas such as offices and shopping centers, providing an optimal, uninterrupted connection.

  • Why is 5G indoor infrastructure essential for businesses?

    With 5G infrastructure, you can enjoy a fast, reliable connection inside your buildings to meet growing data demands and improve operational efficiency.

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