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Boost your indoor connectivity

Boost your indoor connectivity

You need specific (indoor) coverage: stadiums, train stations, co centers, transportation, concert halls, campuses, real estate projects…

If you’re a manager of a large shopping mall, a site hosting major sporting or cultural events, or a transportation hub (subways, train stations, airports, ports), TOTEM can support you in your 4G/5G connectivity project by deploying shared infrastructures on your behalf, open to all operators.

This is your opportunity to enhance your customers’ experience, add value to your spaces and offer additional services.


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To improve coverage in your buildings open to the public

To improve coverage in your buildings open to the public

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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is a solution for aggregating multiple frequency bands from multiple technologies, from all operators, and offsetting them over long distances.

This creates a tailor-made network, providing scalable connectivity according to the number of users and their needs.

Small cells are a low-power active antenna solution.

They are mobile network access points with low energy consumption and a range of up to several hundred meters. They are particularly well suited to further 5G deployment, covering areas inaccessible to the outdoor network.

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A recognized expertise in indoor connectivity for large, complex projects

A recognized expertise in indoor connectivity for large, complex projects

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To go even further

To go even further

Why is it necessary to provide mobile coverage in enclosed spaces?

These days, 80% of mobile calls are received and transmitted from a partially confined location (office, transport, shopping malls…). This figure alone illustrates the importance of quality indoor mobile coverage. However, we often hear of inadequate natural coverage, weak outdoor signals, or poor mobile reception indoors, not least because of changing standards: telecoms standards require the use of high frequencies, which penetrate less into buildings, and construction standards considerably improve building insulation, but make it more difficult for outdoor network waves to penetrate.

  • What does a tailor-made indoor mobile network mean ?

    In enclosed spaces, mobile network requirements are different, depending on the m2 to be covered, the number of people in the office at any one time, and the height of the building. To ensure traffic distribution within each space, the mobile network needs to be properly managed and optimized. To this end, a method specific to the building must be defined in order to flow the traffic, finely controlling the coverage threshold and exposure to the waves. This tailor-made approach ensures that coverage is of sufficient quality to meet occupants’ needs, while guaranteeing compliance with current standards and avoiding unnecessary exposure to radiation.

  • What solutions are available to connect enclosed spaces to mobile networks ?

    DAS and Small Cells are solutions based on a distributed antenna principle, enabling us to:

    Adjust and fine-tune the network so that each workspace benefits from the right level of coverage threshold and traffic flow capacity.

    Pool all operators on the same transmission points, saving space and energy.

  • What are the main stages involved in an indoor roofing project carried out by TOTEM ?

    TOTEM offers complete end-to-end project management, from the design phase through to operation and maintenance. TOTEM also handles relations with all project stakeholders, including the connection of mobile operators to the infrastructure.