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Our infrastructure hosting and telecom antenna solutions

Do you need accommodation on a high point ?

Whether you’re a mobile operator, transport, media, or security company, you need to host your connectivity equipment on towers to deliver your services and meet your customers’ needs.

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Discover our telecom infrastructure hosting solutions

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For media companies :

As a media company broadcasting radio and terrestrial TV programs, you need to host your equipment on secure towers.

Our hosting infrastructure allows you to reach your audience nationwide.

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For network operators

To meet ever-increasing data demands and regulatory coverage obligations, you’re leading the way in deploying 4G, 5G, and future networks.

Easily extend your mobile coverage and densify your networks with our nationwide footprint of towers.

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For security companies

As a security company, you need to host your equipment on secure towers to transmit information between multiple sites and provide your customers with Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and video surveillance solutions.

TOTEM’s outstanding network of locations ensures optimal data transmission in your area.

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For transport companies

High-quality transportation networks must be extremely reliable, which is only possible if they are supported by an excellent telecommunications infrastructure.

We can host your equipment on our towers to provide wireless connectivity between two locations.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I apply for accommodation on a high point?

    Use our contact form to get in touch with one of our experts as soon as possible.

  • What type of equipment can be accommodated on a high point?

    TOTEM’s high infrastructures are made available to our mobile operator customers for the installation of their telecom’s antennas, as well as to players needing to host their equipment on high points (IoT, FH, PMR, etc.).

  • Do you work exclusively for mobile operators?

    TOTEM makes its infrastructures available to all connectivity players needing to host their equipment on high points.

  • What are the main steps involved in installing a customer's equipment on a TOTEM high point?

    TOTEM studies the customer’s request for accommodation and suggests the most suitable sites.

    Once the site has been chosen, TOTEM draws up a hosting contract with the customer, then handles the commercial relationship, from carrying out the necessary work to accommodate the customer’s equipment, right through to invoicing.

Do you have a specific request in mind?

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